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Warcraft Ponies: Legion 0
Chapter 0: Prologue
Many years ago on the world of Azeroth. Two factions of the Alliance and Horde have started their ever constant war once more. As heroes from both factions faced many dangers that threatened the planet, like the Old God, C’Thun. The Old Gods were once powerful eldritch beings serving the Void Lords. Masters of the shadows and insanity.
The heroes then were called to the Dark Portal, which was closed during the second Orcish Horde invasion of Azeroth. The Alliance forces led by Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner entered the Dark Portal to the planet called Draenor. However the Orc Ner’zhul destroyed the planet with many portals. His superior in the Burning Legion, Kil’Jaeden ripped out Ner’zhul’s soul, tortured it and placed it into a suit of armor. Ner’zhul was now called the Lich King.
The heroes of Azeroth went to the now called Outland. To find and defeat a night elf known as Illidan Stormrage. Also know as the Betrayer. The heroe
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:iconconnie-the-casanova: suggested I write down my ideas and show them. Well here are all of the ideas I had in my head.

  1. Start from the beginning with how this Equestria Girls version of the universe started. With an alien invasion from Pokemorph forces of the planetary alliance Tidus-Aurora versus the Vulcan Sol on the EQG Earth. Show how a splinter faction of the Pulsar Militia came to this universe to destroy the magic that has been leaking into this world ever since the first Equestria Girls movie. Basically a retelling of Buster’s entire Starbound universe in three separate stories. Only Sky Buster never married Rainbow Dash. Thunderlaine did instead. This splinter faction of Pulsar is run by a Liepard Pokemorph named Damien Burry. He calls himself the brother of the Purrloin Pokemorph Alson Burry, from Buster’s Starbound universe.

  2. The splinter faction of the Pulsar Militia invades and creates disasters all over the EQG universe. The next gen characters are part of a special emergency rescue task force composed of law enforcement, medical, and anti-terrorist officers. Who use vehicle of various sizes to stop the Pulsar.

  3. Super Robot Wars- Basically the same splinter faction invades the EQG Earth. However due to an object that crashed many years prior. EQG Earth have advanced their technology so much that they can employ super robots and mechs called Personal Troopers. Some PTs can also combine to form a super robot.

  4. Basically a story very similar to Starbound Ascension: The Next Generation. Except with the current EQG timeline. The next gen characters fight the same faction of Pulsar Militia.
  5. Same deal only the next gen OCs are using nanomachines, and the magic inherited by their parents to become a special missions super hero task force called P.O.N.Y., or the Police Operative Nonpareil Youths. This idea came from an story called P.O.N.Y: Police Operative Nonpareil Youths that was on Fimfiction.

So there are my ideas. Not much, but they really caused so much trouble and emotions. What do you guys think? Which one should I focus on?

Captain Thunder Pants

I was bored last night and while listening to the Captain Underpants Theme Song by Weird Al Yankovic. I got the inspiration to do this to my OC. Yeah it's embarassing for Thunder Blitz. but I'm just weird like that. No I never heard of Captain Underpants until the movie trailer. There are a lot of things I missed because I was just too old to even care. Captain Underpants may be the childhood for some of you, but not mine. My childhood was G.I. Joe, Transformers Generation 1, Thunder Cats, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers through Power Rangers in Space, and the 1984 Voltron series that was dubbed from two separate anime.
There is a part of me that wants to have a fandom mother, but at the same time there is a part of me that says I'm too old for a fandom mother. I don't know what I should do, nor who could be my fandom mother.  Any volunteers?
Why is it so hard for me to come up with ideas for my own stories? It has always been so difficult when my mind is swirling with ideas! I just can never focus on just one idea!


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